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Factory I and Factory II

Employees: 150 persons in total.
Factory area: 10,800 square meter.
Address: No. 58, Kechi 5th Rd., Tainan City 70955, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Research & Development

Grantech has upheld the natural aesthetics, deeply known its metal casing with profound surfacetension, to continually researching and developing, which has interpreted its icy cold material that is difficult to completely express the beauty of its curve, then to pursuit the state of art and perfection. Our R&D team includes mechanical design and electronics system integration of game machine. Instead of mounting the devices into the game machine, we care more about the functionality of game machine,as well as the workman operation safety and convenience.

Grantech designs and produces casino style cabinet in wide range of machine type, which likes upright slot cabinet, counter top and slant top cabinet. We also produce money exchanger, betting machine and information terminal (Kiosk) and metal casing for consumer and industrial application. In the past years, we used to searching and developing innovative material and improve production process to provide our customer high standard product. We try all best to ensure our customer to be success with high standard and unique product in the market.

Patents and Certificates

With none stop developing new material and part for game machine. Grantech has applied and owned many patents during these years. It shows our intention and respect the concept of original design. Grantech as a member on the earth, we concern world environment protection issue seriously.
All material we used are followed the strict regulation and compliant with RoHS directives. All our effort is in order to add favorable value to the game machine, and to increase the competition strength for our customer.

Our ISO commitments

Quality First 品質第一
System Implementation 制度落實
Cooperative Innovation 合作創新
Customer Satisfaction 客戶滿意
Greenery Research and Development 綠色研發
Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention 減廢防汙
Green Supply 綠色供應
Environmental Sustainability

Risk Management 防患未然
Emergency Management 緊急應變
Impact Reduction 降低衝擊
Business Continuity 營運持續

Our Claims

By obtaining ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Certification we
have continually dedicated to providing a framework for consistent high performance,
reliable service and continuous long-term improvement. We are committed to 
faithfully adhere to the ISO9001:2015 standard and will strive for  further enhancement 
of the quality in the supply of  our products.


Facilities and Process

Grantech has two manufacturing factories. Main Factory contains a 6,000 square meter building and the second factory contains a 4,800 square meter. Both factories are housing the most advance and high precision sheet-metal manufacturing equipments. Such as, CNC computerized punch press / NC press brake / Automatic punch press / CNC Laser cutting machine / Spot-welding machine / Argon and CO2 welding equipment / Baking machine / Automatic electrostatic powder-coating line / Notching press / NC Shearing machine. Besides sheet-metal manufacturing, both factories are also capable for complete game machine assembly and testing lines. Grantech has various sub contractors who provide electroplating, plastic vacuum forming and injection, zinc and aluminum die-casting. With Grantech Gaming Group, you will get parts, empty cabinet, half assembled SKD, or a fully assembled 'ready-togo' game machine that can ship to your customer's location in every corner of the world. Our production is flexible and can meet high capacity demand up to 3,000 machines per month. We are always ready and looking forward to service you for high standard game machine production.